The porn I starred in

Back in 1993 to 1994, I briefly starred in gay porn until I decided to become a gay rockabilly sensation. The studio (Robin's Egg Studios) I worked for was quite small, to say the least compared to bigger studios like BelAmi or Colt Studio Group. At least Robin's Egg tends to show more of an artistic side of two hot guys (like me lol) exploring stuff like kink and being close with each other.

Wish You Were Here - My first porno. I star as a lonesome man who recently broke up with my boyfriend. I reminisce about the happy and intimate times me and my boyfriend had in bed.

Route 66 - I star as a pony-tail-wearing greaser who goes cruising down Route 66 until I find the perfect man.

Cat Style - I star as my kinky persona, the Bad Kitty, to dominate my boyfriend with rimming, clawing, and power-bottoming.

The Oasis - I dream one night of a mystic oasis where I can find a partner to find deep connections with through tantric sex.

Me and Mine - My only solo porno. It shows an intimate depiction of how it feels to masturbate.